Our History

Camp Claire began in 1916.

Renting the land from a farmer, members would make the trek from Meriden and camp beneath the stars, with no running water (other than the river), and limited facilities.


Incorporated in 1954,

Some things have changed, like running water and buildings, but much of the grace and beauty has remained. Camp Claire is operated by a Board of Directors; a group of volunteers who have demonstrated a love for Camp Claire. Their task (among others) is to oversee finances, hire the camp director and maintain facilities. Camp Claire continues to provide quality camping programs for children focusing on group cooperation and community building. Camp Claire is a 501c(3) non-profit organization and is accredited with the American Camp Association.

Traditional values are a focal point: sharing, manners, basic chores, and (of course) ever-lasting friendships are what make us proud!

Since those early years

Campers and staff have come to Camp Claire from all over the world.

For over eight decades, Camp Claire has spawned an uncountable number of friendships that have been maintained and nourished by people who have been a part of the Camp Claire family. We strive to sustain those friendships by keeping contact with Alumni, and getting them involved in the years following their camp experience. Camp Claire began as a conference retreat for members of the First Congregational Church of Meriden back in 1916. Every year, one or two weekends are dedicated to gathering Alumni for reminiscing and collecting thoughts on how to better preserve Camp Claire’s experience for all.


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