A Day at Camp

What's a typical day at Camp like? Please note - things will look a bit different for the Summer of 2022 - this schedule is for a "typical" year, not a Pandemic Year.

  • 7oclock

    7:00 AM

    7:30 AM Wake-Up Bell

    7:45 AM Penguins to the Lodge to set tables for breakfast

  • 8oclock

    8:00 AM

    8:00 AM Flag & Breakfast

    8:45 AM Animal Duties, Day Campers arrive

  • 9oclock

    9:00 AM

    9:15 AM First Activity Period

  • 10oclock

    10:00 AM

    10:15 AM Second Activity Period

  • 11oclock

    11:00 AM

    11:15 AM Third Activity Period

  • 12oclock

    12:00 PM

    12:15 PM Penguins to Lodge to set tables for Lunch

    12:30 PM Lunch

  • 1oclock

    1:00 PM

    1:15 PM Siesta (Rest Period)

  • 2oclock

    2:00 PM

    2:15 PM Snack Time

    2:30 PM Free Time

  • 3oclock

    3:00 PM

    3:15 PM Afternoon Program

  • 4oclock

    4:00 PM

    4:45 PM Penguins to Lodge to set tables for Dinner, Day Campers go home

  • 5oclock

    5:00 PM

    5:00 PM Dinner

  • 6oclock

    6:00 PM

    6:15 PM Evening Program

  • 8oclock

    8:00 PM

    8:00 PM Vespers

    8:30 PM Flag Lowering

  • 9oclock

    9:00 PM

    9:15 PM Lights Out


Let's get to the fun!

Activity Periods

There are three 1-hour activity periods each day. On Sunday evenings the overnight campers choose which activities they would like to participate in, after watching a brief counselor skit for each area. They participate in the same activity at the same time each day.

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