Learn new skills,
explore interests
— be a leader.

Every day Camp Claire campers get to experience and take part in a wealth of activities and programs designed to foster teamwork and get outside their comfort zones.

We have a variety of fun afternoon and evening programs like Capture the Flag, Camp Claire Clue, Tie Dye Tuesday and Spooknight!

As for activities, there are several, one hour periods each day.

Camp Activities

  • sailboat


    Sailing is a two hour activity and the instructors are USA Sailing Certified Sailing Instructors. Classes begin with safety instruction, rigging and the fundamentals of sailing. Campers then learn to sail in Hamburg Cove, under the supervision of their instructors. Those who participate in this class are able to sail during free time. This program requires a camper to be able to swim 2 laps non stop in the pool and not require swim lessons. In addition the camper must be at least ten years of age.

  • soccer


    Our sports activity offers a variety of team sports. Our focus is on having fun so each day the campers participate in a different sport activity. We have a sand volleyball court, basketball area, a sports field with soccer nets as well as a Gaga pit. And the camper favorite — FROCCER.

  • fire

    Camp Craft

    In Camp Craft campers learn how to identify wood that is safe to burn, how to build a fire safely and cook over the fire. Each day they cook a different food under the direction of trained counselors. These include s’mores, baked apples, fried dough, banana boats and other delicious treats. Campers also work on orienteering skills and building shelters.

  • fishing


    Fishing is offered as a class and is also a camper option during free time. The instructor has a Connecticut Fishing License and is an experienced fisherman.

  • binoculars


    Archery will be available as a one-hour class. The instructors are Level 1 and 2 USA Archery Certified. Classes begin with range safety and introduction to archery where campers will be taught how to load, shoot, and retrieve arrows. Campers will then learn how to correct their stance, form, and improve consistency of their shots throughout the course. Towards the end of the week, campers will have the ability to participate in archery games such as balloon popping or horizontal line shooting. This program requires campers to be at least eight years of age and to have enough maturity to handle the bow and arrows safely.

  • canoe

    Waterfront - Canoeing & Kayaking

    This is a one hour class. Students learn safety first, capsizing and then techniques for both canoeing and kayaking. They travel up and down 8 Mile River in Hamburg Cove. Canoeing & Kayaking is also available to all campers during free time.

  • swimming


    Our nearly Olympic size pool offers lessons in the morning and free swim in the afternoon. Campers are required to take lessons unless they are able to pass the swim test. All residential campers participate in a swim test on Sundays when they arrive and on Mondays for day campers. The swim test is designed to quickly assess the child’s comfort and skills in the water. Lessons are structured and focused on specific skill instruction. At the end of the week parents are provided with a checklist of the skills that their child has participated in and hopefully mastered. Our ratio of life guards to campers is at least 1: 10. All of our pool staff are life guards and many are on swim teams.

  • rope

    Low Ropes

    Camp Claire has a 12 element Low Ropes Course. The challenges are no more than 12 inches from the ground and are cushioned on at least 12 inches of wood chips. The instructors are trained and certified. The course is inspected yearly. This course helps children learn communication skills and how to work cooperatively to solve problems. Each of the elements is designed to challenge the campers and stimulate problem solving skills.

  • paint

    Arts & Crafts

    Campers who choose to participate in Arts and Crafts will enjoy a variety of activities including: beading, painting, drawing, wood working projects, crafting, gimp, and friendship bracelet making. Arts and Crafts is also open to any camper during free time.

Animal Duties

  • trash


    Empty trash around camp and rebag the garbage cans.

  • cutlery


    Each cabin is assigned to be waiters for one day during their stay at camp. As a cabin, they set the table for the meal, serve those at the table during the meal and then help clean up after the meal. The counselors for that cabin assist as well.

  • cleaner


    Skunks are responsible for making sure that the bathrooms are clean and tidy. Both the older boys and girls cabins have skunks each day.

  • broom


    Sweep the porches and walk around camp picking up paper and other things that have blown around and make sure that camp looks tidy.


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